Can’t sign in to Windows 10

As of yesterday, suddenly my laptop has an extra layer of security.  🙂  Unless I hold down shift-and-enter during boot, I can’t sign in.  Everything boots normally, and the pin/password boxes appear, but I can’t enter anything into them. I can press all I want on the keyboard with the focus on the pin and/or password boxes but nothing appears in it. Using the touch screen keyboard to key the pin and/or password doesn’t work either, same result, nothing appears in the pin/password entry box. Booting into safe mode doesn’t work either because there’s a password to get in, and you can’t enter anything into the password entry area. So using an external USB keyboard has the same result. Can’t type anything in. But if I hold down shift-enter during boot I can sign in with a pin or password no problem. What does holding shift-enter during boot do? It doesn’t look any different, just now I can sign in. I guess I have to do that from now on. Arrrg!

Solution that worked for me:

  • Turn off your Windows 10 computer
  • Press and hold the Shift key and the Enter key at the same time
  • Either the left or the right shift key will do, it doesn’t matter
  • Turn on the power of your Windows 10 PC or laptop while still holding down those two keys (Shift and Enter).
  • Keep holding shift and enter keys until the sign in screen appears
  • Now the pin / password entry boxes no longer ignore your entries



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